We are ( ITQAN Academy) honored and happy to teach you Quran , Arabic, Tajweed and Islamic studies.

* Once you accept the trail and agreed to study with us, you have to pay the monthly fees in advance.

* Not allowed to study with your teacher out of the Academy. (Only through the Academy).

* If you want to recommend your friends or anyone to enroll with us, kindly, please inform the admin directly, and not the teacher.

* And in case you recommend the academy for any other person let him contact us with your name and you will get a cash back for that or extra sessions. 

* Please don’t discuss payment arrangements, fees charges, or anything extra with the teachers. In these cases, contact the Admin

* Itqan Academy has the right to stop the classes in case you didn't pay the monthly fees more than 10 days without any notice or acceptable excuse. 

* Itqan Academy holds the right to cancel the classes if any student remains absent from classes for more than 10 days without any prior notice. Request for refund will also not be entertained in such cases.

* If the student comes 5 minutes late or 10 minutes late or more later then the teacher is not responsible to give you the remaining time of your class time because online classes work clockwise and we can not ask the students who are next to wait for their classes because the previous student was late. 

* If you don’t inform and remain absent from your lesson without any notice, your class will be marked as absent and there will be no make-up for it. 

* If you didn't attend till the half of the class without advance notice, teacher has to cancel the class and thus will be marked as absent.

* There is no refund for missed classes, however, the student can take make-up classes for missed classes, if he has sent a prior notice to the teacher

* It's important to Use a proper PC or mobile device with clear voice or headphones during the class besides not to be a noise in the class.

* Feel free to ask for changing your schedule

* In case the student canceled the class before the time by 1 hour or less, it will be marked as counted and thus there is no make-up class for this.

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