Yassen Mahmoud
Yassen Mahmoud Quran and Arabic Teacher

Teacher : Yassen Mahmoud


- Graduated from Al Azhar University, College of languages and translation, department of English. 


- Educational diploma from Al Azhar University, college of education.


- Working as online tutor for teaching Quran, Arabic, Tajweed and Islamic studies for all ages. 


- Have more than 2 years of experience in teaching online,thus I can provide a useful and entertainment classes for different levels and ages. 


- Achieved the best teacher 5 times. 


(25 years old)

Sumaya Abd EL Monem
Sumaya Abd EL Monem Quran and Arabic Teacher

Teacher Sumaya Abd EL Monem 

I have bechalor of arts and Education English department .

I have tow Ijazas in Hafs An Asem recitation .

I am studying tenth Qiraat of Quran. I am holding Ijaza in tohfa and jazareya.I took courses in noor albayan and qaida noraneya and tajweed in English.

l was working in institute related to Al azhar to prepare Quran teacher so l can teach students all tajweed rules even advanced levels. I have one year and half of experience in teaching tajweed , Quran and noor albayan for non-Arabic speakers . I treat students kindly and friendly in order to make them like Quran and tajweed. I can explain simple meaning of Quran to make it easier to students to memorize it.Also l can explain Islamic studies by easy way

Sherif Alrefaey
Sherif Alrefaey Quran and Arabic Teacher

Sheikh: Sherif Alrefaey

- Graduated from Al-azher university,

faculty of languages and translation department of Islamic studies in English 

- Educational Diploma 

- Experienced and qualified Quran, Tajweed, Arabic, Islamic Studies for kids and adults. 

- Translator for the meanings of the Qur'an, Sunnah, Prophetic Searah، Aqida, Fiqh different Islamic studies .

-  2 years experience in teaching Quran, Tajweed, Islamic studies and  Arabic language for non Arabic speakers.

(25 years old).

Doaa Abdelsalam
Doaa Abdelsalam Quran and Arabic Teacher

Teacher : Doaa Abdelsalam 

Graduated from Queen international school, faculty of education of early childhood 

I have Ijazah in reading Quran kareem

Tajweed English courses


I am working as a teacher for non Arabic speakers 

Online teaching children :from 5 years ago 

Offline teaching children :more than 10 years ago

33 years old 

Mai Abd Al-Azeez
Mai Abd Al-Azeez Quran and Arabic Teacher

Teacher Mai Abd Al-azeez.

I am a graduate of Faculty of Languages and Translation Department of English Language,Literature and Simultaneous Interpretation At Al-Azhar University Nasr City Branch . I have an IJAZAH in Noor Al-bayan from Ustathah Zainab Abd Al-Fattah. 

I have a year of experience teaching non-Arabic speakers.I can teach Quraan and Tajweed courses from the beginning to the advanced levels.  I am helping the students to read the Quraan in a correct way with Tajweed Rules,helping them to know and to apply the correct way of recitation,helping them to memorize and to review the memorized parts of the Quraan, so I am giving their full support in helping the students to finish memorizing Qur`an in a simple and easy way.

I can teach Nor-Bayan and Qaida Nooraniah.I can teach Islamic studies,teaching according to Sunnah. and simplifying the islamic concepts to the students and helping them to understand the great morals and manners of Islam.  

I can teach classical Arabic. I dealt with different levels and different ages starting from 4 to 50 years old.I am a native arabic speaker. Alhamdullilah I can read the Holy Quran in a proper way with the Tajweed rules and with proper articulation points. I had been learning at a young age how to read Quran from a Hafiz, a qualified and skilled Shiekh.

ALaa Abd Elkhalek
ALaa Abd Elkhalek Quran and Arabic teacher

Teacher: Alaa Abdelkhalek


- Graduated from Al-azher university,


faculty of languages and translation - simultaneous interpretation department, "very good with honour degree"


- Diploma in education for all ages.


- An experienced and qualified Quran, Tajweed, Arabic, Islamic Studies tutor for kids and adults. 


- Translator of the meanings of Quran, Hadith Shariff, Fiqh and prophetic Searah.


- 2 years experience in teaching Quran, Arabic language, Islamic Studies for non Arabic speakers.


- Author of novel and short stories using the standard Arabic in writing.

Omaima Othman
Omaima Othman Quran and Arabic teachers

Teacher Omaima Othman

I graduated from Faculty of science and I have a 3 years of experience teaching Qura'an and Tajweed.

I taught many non Arabs with different places like Pakistan,England,United states of America, India,Somalia and Bangladesh also with different ages, and Alhamdullelah every one love the class and find it very interesting and full of of new important knowledge 

I have ijaza in teaching TAJWEED for non-arabic speakers and I can teach Quraan, Tajweed and Islamic studies from the beginning to the advanced stages and I can deal with different levels and different ages starting from 6 to 60 years old


Ahmed Samir
Ahmed Samir Quran and Arabic teacher

Sheikh: Ahmed Samir Hashem

Arabic language and Quran teacher

Holds a license in the Qur’an with the narration of Hafs on the authority of Asim, holds a license in explaining the intonation of the Qur’an from Al-Maasrawi Mosque, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Arabic language literature from Ain Shams University, an educational diploma from Al-Azhar University, an educational diploma from Cairo University, Division of Arabic language teacher preparation for non-native speakers,  i am still in master's degree at Cairo University, Faculty of Education.

Using PowerPoint, educational games and strategies to make the class fun and entertaining

I can explain the series of the Arabic language such as the book (Al arbia bina yadyaka) and the book( Al-Madina), and explain the rules of recitation of the Qur’an in an easy way, and teach reading the Qur’an using the simplest methods. I can also explain the  course (understanding the Qur’an).


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