Noorani Qaida for beginners

24 February, 2022

This course aims to teach you the fundamentals of Arabic.

Through Noorania Qaida book, Noor Al Bayan and various standard books, for all ages.

Noorani Qaida for beginners.

Noorani Qaida is the first step that needs to be made in this manner for beginners who want to learn how to read the Quran from the very beginning. The basic guidelines for reading the Quran are covered in this brief booklet.


Noorani Qaida, which is regarded as the cornerstone of Quran reading, is crucial to master in order to become fluent in Quranic Arabic.

Once you've finished, you can recite the Quran with ease by following some simple guidelines.


You cannot read Arabic correctly and fluently without knowing the fundamentals.


10 Pointers for Learning Noorani Qaida for Beginners | Table Of Contents

Ten helpful suggestions for learning Noorani Qaida for beginners have been narrowed down by our team. Go through them to get enlightened.


1. Employ an Arab native tutor

Therefore, rather than starting your education on your own, the first and most important piece of advice is to employ a native Arabic tutor.


We advise hiring a native because:


They have a particularly good Arabic accent.


They are experts at teaching non-Arab Arabic by making it very simple for them.


They are cognizant of the errors made by non-Arabs.


It is vital to find an instructor who will guide you and make each class simple. Second, choosing an instructor from a reputable platform is preferable because:


Before recruiting them, they put their tutors through testing.


They have experience imparting knowledge via their medium.


They are fully aware of the methods that beginners should use.


2-The best Noorani Qaida class is one-on-one.

Select a one-on-one lesson with a professional tutor if you plan to read Noorani Qaida for the first time. Such a class has the following advantages for a novice:


You receive a type with a laser-like focus and lots of corrections.


Learning is given more focus than connecting with peers.


More time to practice and receive immediate feedback from the tutor.


Learning about Qaida is a fascinating subject, and you can enjoy it more one-on-one. Here, we advise using Itqan Academy since they offer the best customized one-on-one online Noorani Qaida lessons.


3-Possess a Personalized Qaida Learning Plan.

Having a tailored Qaida plan is crucial if you want to master the fundamentals of Arabic reading. It helped you keep on course and concentrate on your weaknesses. These schemes have:


Your interests will guide the subjects covered in the classes.


Concentrate on the rules you want to master.


You are managing the curriculum by your needs.


I am applying imperfect rules in practice.


In their Noorani Qaida classes for children, Itqan Academy offers a tailored and structured study plan that is professionally constructed, covering all the demands of the student, especially beginners.



4. Pay attention to Makharij

Using the proper articulation points when writing Arabic is essential (Maharaj).

The heavy and light haa sounds of the Makharaj of the throat are frequently confused by non-Arabs.

To distinguish between letters that are so similar, they must concentrate on their Maharaj.


If your pronunciation is perfect, then:


You'll be able to precisely read words from the Quran like a native Arab.


The essential principles of Quran reading are easy to put into practise.


Finally, you'll be headed toward the Tajweed lessons.


To make the remainder of the voyage as easy as possible, pay close attention to how each letter is pronounced.



5 Read Quranic examples

Start looking for and reading instances from the Quran as soon as you have a firm grasp on the common principles taught in Noorani Qaida.

This will assist you in honing your Kiras.


Assume you recently learned the rule of madness.

Find examples from the first Surah, Al-Fatiha, use the Madd rule where it is appropriate, and put it into practice throughout every Salah.

You'll be able to observe how rapidly your recitation gets flawless.


6) Read short verses and surahs for practice

The best advice is to put what you have learned conceptually into practice.

Play the audio of the Ayaat that you often read during Salah if you enjoy a particular Qari recitation.


If you make mistakes in the makharij, you can fix them by listening and reading afterward.

With the aid of some extremely interesting activities, our teachers at Itqan Academy apply this advice marvelously in their Quran reading classes.


7-Practice speaking loud and clearly.

Another suggestion for learning Qaida is to practice in a loud voice so that your throat vocals can function correctly.

Typically, non-Arabs find it challenging to pronounce specific letters, such as


✅ aaien ع


✅ daad ض


Both haa is true ح ه.


They are both Kaaf ق  ك.


✅ saa ث، ص


The precise articulation moment will be hit when you read aloud and clearly.

Then, practice each of these letters by putting them together to form a word or by looking for similar terms in the Quran.



8. Gain Knowledge By Leveling Up Qaida.

Beginners are susceptible to being misled owing to their ignorance, so after you've decided on a platform for learning, let them guide you through the process.

They typically have three levels:


✅ Basic


The medium




From the most straightforward lessons to the slightly more challenging ones in the end.

You will be able to learn Qaida with this approach.


9-Revise and Apply What You Have Learned.

Start incorporating it into your Quran once you have finished reading the first few pages.

You will notice a quick improvement in your recitation thanks to this. Apply Noon and Meem Sakinah whenever appropriate, for example.


Itqan Academy works to make these valuable suggestions applicable so that newcomers can effectively learn the Quran online. To make every instruction goal-oriented, they employ cutting-edge technology.


10- Teach others all the fundamental lessons

It's thought that sharing what you've learned with others helps you learn more. So, to make your learning flawless, share what you know every day with your siblings, parents, spouse, etc.


teach others right away, and assist them in honing their makharij as well. Your practice time will grow, and the benefits will be invaluable.




For beginners, there is no upper age limit for learning to read the Quran. Commit and maintain your will to learn the fundamental concepts of Noorani Qaida from the moment you begin it.

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